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Here's What You Can Expect



Because we share space at Destiny Fellowship Church (on the right) we park directly across the street (to the left) where plenty of parking is available. For those with handicap parking needs, pull up to the front entrance for assistance or to have a volunteer park your car for you.



Our staff and volunteers are waiting to help children learn and experience God’s Word in a casual setting made just for them. At the start of worship children remain with their parents for the children's message. Afterwards, children are invited to grow in their faith as they interact through Bible stories, crafts, singing, and prayer.




Worship at North Christian is an opportunity to gather together as community—not just socially, but also spiritually and emotionally. We are all busy, but on Sunday morning, we stop. We breathe, and we refocus. We dedicate this time to our relationships with each other, and especially our relationship with God. In this time of worship, we find wholeness and belonging and peace unlike anything we can find “out there.”

The Service Lasts about 75-minutes with
weekly communion



Sometimes we spend more time in our Coffee Hour than we do in worship! It’s really an extension of our worship time, where we share our gifts of fellowship and hospitality. We are excited to meet you so plan to stay for cookies brought by church members, pretzels, coffee, and water.