Worship Service

Our community worships God every Sunday morning at 10 a.m. As we assemble, we see friends and find new faces. We pray together and we dwell in scripture.  We laugh and we wipe away a tear as we experience illustrations of scripture for our lives today. We offer our gifts to God, and we gather around the communion table.​

We love all sorts of music. Someone may sing special music, the choir may sing a beautiful anthem, the congregation will sing hymns in 4-part harmony (join in!) with the organ, we’ll sing contemporary songs with the clavinova, or our handbell choir may play!

coffee style
Coffee Hour

Sometimes we spend more time in our Coffee Hour than we do in worship! It’s really an extension of our worship time, where we share our gifts of fellowship and hospitality.  We serve cookies brought by church members, pretzels, coffee, and ice water.  As part of our Green Chalice program, we have recently switched to Fair Trade coffee.